Friday, April 30, 2010

PSSA Term 2

Welcome to the sports blog for 2010!

Our PSSA season will begin next Friday 7th May.

Students and Parents please ensure that permission slips and money have been returned by next Friday. Also, use this weekend to ensure that you have all the appropriate playing gear for the 13 rounds of PSSA.

Training for netball and soccer have begun this week at Holly Street Oval.

AFL students will have a development day next Friday. This will provide students (and Mr Moses) with a chance to become more familiar with the rules before playing a full game.
AFL training will begin in week 3 (7th May) starting at 8:15. Students will be walked back to school at 9:00.

Please check this blog every week before training. At times we will need to cancel due to weather and absence.

Codes of Conduct will be given out today. Students must sign and return them their coaches.

Good luck to all of our 2010 PSSA teams.

Mr Moses

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