Friday, April 27, 2012

PSSA common questions and answers

Dear parents,

The following are some of the common questions we are asked about PSSA sport.

What is PSSA?
PSSA Stands for Primary School Sports Association. It's an inter school sport competition for primary schools in our zone.

Does my child have to try out?

How will my child get to school after the try out?

Students trying out for soccer or AFL will be walked back to school by the teacher coaches.

What will they need to bring?
soccer students will require soccer boots and shin pads. AFL and netball players can wear their regular sports uniform (coloured shirt for Friday). Soccer players will need to bring their school shoes with them in a bag.

Does my child have to attend both try outs?
Yes. However they won't be disadvantaged if they can only attend one of the try outs.

When will we know if they made it into a team?
Teams will be announced on Friday after try outs and notes given out to the successful students.

What happens if they are not chosen for a team?
Students not chosen for PSSA will do their sport at school on Friday afternoons.

Will they be expected to attend weekly training sessions?
Yes. We train Friday mornings 8am - 9am.

Does AFL cater for girls?
Yes, we have a girls only league in AFL.

Can my daughter try out for soccer and netball?
Unfortunately not, she'll need to choose.

If she doesn't get into one sport can she still be considered for another?
Yes, however priority will be given to the other students who tried out.

Is there a cost involved?
Yes, the cost covers buses to and from the playing field each week. Some sports will be less expensive then others as they will be required to travel each week.

Can my child play without returning the permission slip and money?

Will my child's medical requirements be catered for at PSSA?
Yes, we take all medications and first aid kits with us.

What will they wear for PSSA games?
Students are provided with a playing uniform for the season. This uniform is to be returned at the end of the season.

Who will be coaching the teams this year?
Mr Horsely will be coaching  AFL.
Mrs Prentice will be coaching soccer.
Mr Moses will be coaching netball.

Who can I see if I have any questions?
Please see the coaches.


Mr Moses

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