Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cancellation of ALL outdoor activities (Term 4 Week 3)

Dear Parents and Carers,

Yesterday we received advice from Deputy Director General of NSWDEC recommending that schools in our area do not allow students to participate in prolonged outdoor physical activity due to the high pollution levels from the NSW bushfires.

We examined the implications of this in a meeting yesterday, with Mrs Cope seeking advice from Bridge Street, and the following plan is now in place for the remainder of the week:
  • The playground will be closed and the wet weather roster will be in place each day, beginning with morning duty today. K-1 students will need to be supervised in Mrs Jacobs room before school and 2-6 students will be in the hall.
  • All outdoor sports and physical activities are cancelled or postponed. This includes the CARES excursion today, the Gala day on Thursday, Surf School, Tennis, PSSA, T-BAll and any other school sports including K-2. We are looking to find dates later in the year to run our CARES excursion and to make up surf school.
  • Y2 Swim School will proceed as it is an indoor activity.
You should receive and email from school today explaining the above measures. If there are any changes I will keep you informed.


Tim Horsley

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